Why Fitness As a New Year’s Resolution is a Terrible Idea, Day 71, “The Me Project”

Thank you, Sonya, for the topic suggestions, including this one. Here goes.

A few years ago, I got really enlightened about the priority ranking the body should hold among all the parts of being human. I determined it SHOULD be low, but it is currently high. Similar to cars, your body should be the thing that gets you to and fro, not the THING THAT DEFINES YOUR WORTH. How shiny and fast and undented and non-rusty you are shouldn’t determine if you’re a good human. It’s more where you’re going and what you’re doing when you get there that should count.

Incidentally, that’s when I gained a bunch of weight and got super inactive IN PROTEST and now probably my organs and joints are in trouble, but the point is, I decided my inside and NOT my outside would define who I am.

So, boom.

Ok, there’s got to be a compromise, because we can’t go and have heart failure just because we think modern beauty standards are bogus.

That’s where the daily mind/body exercise thing comes in. I don’t want to get thin for thin’s sake, but I do want to be healthy for all my systems and fix the muscoskeletal pain stuff. So. There are physical goals, but it’s just to keep the car functional to carry the rest of me around.

And I’m NOT starting anything intense until February because the poor gym rats need to be left alone and not inundated with rookies like me during the January blitz at the Y.

Also, at my bread shop yesterday, one of the staff said that she sold ALL of the wheat bread this week, but typically “If I make 6 loaves, 6 will still be there at the end of the day.” So, seriously, people, get healthy year-round, not just in January, mmmK? Your body wants you to poop regularly in July, too.

Let’s all agree we need to work on more than our bodies. Yes, be healthy, but ALSO, let’s fix our terrible personalities. Something makes me think those will count for a lot more in the end.

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