What Goes Through My Head When People Ask “How Are You?”

Today one kid lit matches and tried to hide them under the couch. Where the wood floor is.

The dog ate $20 worth of fancy u-pick apples AND THAT FUCKER DIDN’T EVEN PICK THEM. Then he discharged them on the floor. Where the carpet is.

The only exercise I got today was walking to and from a park over and over with the kids. They collect “walking sticks” but chase me with them like spears, so these walks are a little more aerobic than they sound.

I’m mad, because the meditation apps aren’t working to soothe my anxious mind anymore…probably because I am also either simultaneously scrolling through the news (oh no) or monitoring the children (oh no into infinite).

I am hoping unreasonably that tomorrow will be different. All the apples are gone. So I guess there’s that. I’ve been shopping Airbnb’s to go “NOT HERE” and at first I was looking for a nice family get away, maybe 2 bedroom, 2 bath, somewhere fun for the kids. Now, I’m looking for a one-person shack in the mountains past the mountains, where I can cut and color my hair and hide out for a few days until my new identity papers arrive.

Day 357 of “The Me Project,” Day 221 of Bunker Life.

Image for post
Image for post
What I think is so special about this picture is that you can see all chins in beautiful natural lighting, as well as the giant worry line between my brows, AND, if you zoom in, chin hair like a fairy tale witch.

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