The Worrier and the Warrior

*I wrote this for someone I love and admire. We are all shaped by the pain we encounter, only the real super heroes are able to mold themselves into shields.

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(Photo credit: ‘Eternal Happiness,’ on Pexels)

She is full of strength, full of mercy.

She endures storm after storm after storm.

It’s hard. It hurts.

She gets back up.

She reaches, as she rises, for those who need rescue, need shelter, need hope.

She stands with them and absorbs the impact of the storm for them.

She’s had enough of her storms, but she takes theirs, too.

Because she is a warrior.

She is Wonder Woman.

She is you.

She feels it all, she aches for all who ache, and she worries.

Oh, how she worries.

For it is worrisome.

She worries, but she persists.

She worries, but she fights.

She is healing and a healer, not letting herself become hard in a hard world.

She is fierce, but tender.

She is not afraid of the pain or the dark.

She does not hide from it.

She fights back the dark, finding the light.

For her, for others.

She is a warrior.

A worrier and a warrior.

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(Photo credit, Warner Bros. ‘Wonder Woman’ movie, multiple sources)

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