Spending Time on the Sacred…Wait, Shit. Is That ME?!

Oh, man. The THINGS I’ve learned this week.

  1. NO ONE thinks they’ve made it and are just proud of the things they can do and can leave it alone at that. EVERYONE worries that the things they DON’T know/can’t do are secretly the good, important things and the things they KNOW are just, like, lint-covered, poo-stained garbage junk.
  2. The more secure you are in the knowledge that you’re a decent, worthy person- the more you’re able to accept criticism and make small necessary changes without feeling wounded → angry/dismissive/defensive. You might even be able to accept that you’re not good at things or don’t know some things and either work on them, or let them go.
  3. Saying the scary things, to reveal what you truly need or who you truly are, is usually only really bad for a minute. The reaction and consequences from your audience will vary, but you’ve spoken your truth, and that is power.
  4. The rules we live by are determined by our values and who’s in power.
  5. Assessing those rules requires a lot of investigating into your own and your cultures history and biases. Rejecting the rules will have varying consequences, depending on your status and how safe you perceive you are in your community/society at large.
  6. Once you’ve changed how you look at yourself, red flags in toxic relationships and environments will be EN FUEGO and impossible to miss.
  7. Take your meds. Get your therapy. Do you exercising, sleep your sleep, drink your water. Take care of yourself because genuinely caring for you will send ripples of goodness out into the world. And the world needs some fucking ripples.
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