Sixty Seconds in My Head While Scrolling Through My Phone, Day 45, “The Me Project”

  • Hahaha I also need coffee to live. Good point.
  • I really should try a new hair color. Blue? I like blue. But is it overdone?
  • Oh, my God. Women are being burned with acid for spurning lovers in India- with that frequency? Men are terrible. I wish I could do something.
  • Oh, that donut looks DIVINE.
  • Didn’t she just get a puppy? And now she’s pregnant?! Whoa, regrets.
  • I should wear more tea-length skirts.
  • Google: What exactly is a tea-length skirt?
  • Fuck, why are men hurting women so much? Toxic is right. The male ego is our biggest social problem.
  • Notes app: The male ego is our biggest social AND HEALTH problem- consider essay
  • It is a cute puppy, though. Should we get a dog? Are the kids ready?
  • Google: Greyhound adoption in your area
  • Yeah, maybe tea-length. I’d only have to shave to my knees.
  • What do I tell my daughter about shaving? It’s so dumb and patriarchal but still SUCH an expectation.
  • That puppy really is cute, though.
  • Mmmm….vegan tirimisu!? I need that. I really do need coffee to live.
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Find me on Ravishly, The Belladonna Comedy, Pregnant Chicken, & more. Being a human is hard- maybe the kids can help., Twitter: @sarahzimzam

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