Oh, Wine, How I Miss Thee, Day #46, The “Me Project”

I’m doing fine with not drinking. It’s been easier and more productive than I imagined it would be. However, I miss the taste and experience of wine. I’ve been subbing in cool juices and juice-soda combos and vinegars and stuff, but it’s just not the same.

Yesterday, I ran all over the world delivering ice cream for our small business, perpetually late, dodging in and out of sweaty kitchens full of food and pot smells, double-parking my giant van, panicking that I couldn’t get it all done before a sampling demo. When I do those sampling demos, I’m offering free tastes of (nondairy) ice cream to people (in December) and half of them taste it and then don’t buy, the other half wince and say no or just ignore me all together, and a slim several actually taste and then buy. It’s stressful. Major stretch on my social anxiety and ego cords- PING! PING! PING!

So, I really wanted to come home and drink wine. Probably because that was my routine in the past- stressed out, uncertain, feeling icky- hide in some boozy soft feelings. I’m not doing that, but I also really miss the taste of wine. I’ve been loving wine since college. So I went to my favorite liquor section at my favorite fancy grocery store and looked for something that would scratch the itch.

I bought some alcohol-free red wine….so, you know, grape juice. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, but it’s grape juice. It didn’t so much as scratch the itch as it did paw at it with stumpy, ace-wrapped, grape juice fingers.

But I like that I was still fully sound-minded last night, and woke up feeling fresh and right today. So….? I’ll figure this out. Any recommendations on booze-free delicious beverages welcome.

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Image for post
This pic has nothing to do with anything. It’s Beverly D’Angelo. She is in one of my favorite Christmas movies. She’s hysterical and gorge. And I just read that she had twins at 49, so no also a personal hero. Also, the first piece I ever had published for money featured a sex dream my husband had about her. So we’re pretty much best friends.


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