New Year, New Newt. Day 64, The “Me Project”

So many people reflecting on their past year and past decade on the socials. Not as many people planning for the next year. It seems we’ve all realized that NY resolutions are something we can fail, so we’ve stopped doing them. That’s cool. It’s rather like a diet. It doesn’t work to self-limit, indefinitely, it only works to redefine what’s satisfying.

So, in 2020, what’s satisfying? Truly, at the soul-level? What makes us feel safe, so that we can be sanctuaries for others? How do we resolve to be healthier and more complete people, to aid in making a healthier, more complete community and world? How do we choose people over power? How do we check our egos and love better and be more honest and faithful and real?

Eh, maybe it’s easier to aim to lose ten pounds. ;)

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I love resolutions. The idea of newness, fresh starts, pushing ourselves, finding new ways to not get set in. I love that we’re never ‘finished’ as people, no matter how old we are or how sick we are of ourselves. Why not commit to making changes that are the deeper kind this year? Let’s reflect on the real things we’d like to see changed in ourselves and the world around us. Start with self-refleciton, then turn to the relationships most closely around us and go from there. Then make wee baby step goals toward those changes.

Let’s be aware of our place in the universe, in the continuum of time. We’re a blip, so why not blip well?

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