I’m Getting the Epiphany Sweats, Day 22, The “Me Project”

E.T.A: Originally I couldn’t find the quote, because I thought it was “inspiration” instead of “epiphany,” but this clip of the divine Ms. Leslie Knope, played by the divine Ms. Amy Poehler, having a great idea and hopping around, as she’s oft to do, taking off her blazer, saying she’s having the “epiphany sweats” is exactly what I feel like. I’m feeling wired and excited and have fixed some problems with my manuscript I haven’t touched in months, in my head, with my high-speed mind bullets.

I once asked my therapist if she thought I had manic episodes because sometimes, when I’m writing, I get so energized that I stay up really late and get all heart fluttery with my mind all over the place. I feel positive and like I can accomplish anything. It’s scary. Like a cat smiling.

My doctorwas like, “I don’t think it’s mania, unless…when you feel that way, in addition to typing on your keyboard in your pajamas, are you also snorting blow off hookers’ backs? No? Spending 10k online for crystal replicas of the Zack Morris cell phone? No? You’re good. That’s not mania, that’s creativity you’re feeling.”

She’s a gem. And, cool. But now I kind of want that phone.

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