I Voted and I’m Writing and I Exercised Today. Someone Build Me a Statue, Please. Day 133. “The Me Project”

I have submitted six (6!!) essays to different publications in the past few days- all things I’ve been working on for a while, several have been rejected already and I’ve re-worked, and am submitting again. AND I finished my short screenplay for the contest this past weekend, AND I’m reading a book on writing a quality novel, which is making me both excited and nauseous about plunging back into my own novel.

Whew. Something about this Spring weather has made me want to wear my brave pants.

Also, my kid is a turd and got in trouble at school and so one of his consequences is he has to burn off some energy before school by exercising at 6:30 in the damned morning….which means that I have to exrecise at 6:30 in the damned morning, too. So the past few mornings we’ve woken up and done Zumba together, and yesterday afternoon we ran together. We’re gonna do a 5k in a few months. It’s really fun and healthy for both of us.

Yes. I also am inspired by me.

What else? The play that I’m in right now is going well and Robb’s had some more free time, so we’ve been spending quality time boning and such, and also he’s able to take some of the burden from our small business for the time being, so I’ve been able to focus on my creative pursuits and fitness and such. I’m feeling great!

So, the thing about submitting a flock of pieces for consideration is that *most* if not all of the essays I just put a bunch of time and energy into, will be rejected. I’m not being humble or negative or anything, it’s just the facts. I’m part of multiple online writers’ groups and this is pretty much everyone’s reality. So, there’s a lot of disappointment and egoflopping as part of the gig, but I think we do this because every once in a while you DO get to see your work out there in the universe, and also, the time between submitting your piece and getting the email from the editor is a high. I imagine this is what online dating is like? You get the clammy thrills when you swipe or message someone, and then wait in anticipation for them to decide if you suck or you’re alright….and then the message comes and they tell you your theme is weak and you have too many run-on sentences. Or whatever.

I’m trying. Trying to be healthy and joyful and bold as a person. Trying to keep pushing myself as a writer, a spouse, a parent (even when they’re turds). It’s fun to try. For now. Until the emails start coming. ;)

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