How Do I Feel?!? How DON’T I Feel?

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A friend posted this. It’s maybe meant to start at the first of a month, but fucket, we’re starting today. Days are irrelevant. Today is 1. Join me on 1 if you feel like it. I *think* it’s Monday, but no one can tell for sure.

Day 1: Write out your feelings

Well, the thing is that I, wait, what was I going to say, hang on, did you see that thing online, shhh, is that a kid yelling, where did I leave those 3-day probation groceries, is this mask clean, why are you bored, how can you be bored, why are we so busy when we have nothing to do, how is it both so quiet and so loud, is this real life, is this vacation, it doesn’t feel like vacation but it doesn’t exactly feel like work, are we sick, are you sick, are we well, is there such a thing as well, is it OK to even feel peaceful and happy when everything is on fire, IS it on fire or are the melting buildings a hoax, why are people so mean, oh, my God, how are people so amazingly wonderful, this day feels like all the other days, but this day is a good day and how is that possible and where are my car keys, do I even still remember how to drive?

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