Emotionally Drained, Totally Wrung Out, Tired.

It’s typical after an adrenaline frenzy that there’s some raw descent to follow. I’m there. I was big UP when Robb officially got the job we wanted, and after the election results came in, but now we’re in the stunned, falling back DOWN phase…where we start to recognize that both came after months (years) of fear and heartache, and that none of the details are done yet, and there’s so much work to do. It hurts, and I’m tired.

Headaches and exhaustion, hard to focus, my feelings all over the map- that’s where I am today. Good news is, I’m cutting myself more breaks than I used to, so I’m just feeling the roller coaster feelings instead of letting my brain slide in a layer of self-judgement about the feelings. Maybe I should be grateful and joyful, and occasionally I am, but I’m also feeling anxious and sad. It just is. BACK OFF, BRAINZ.

I’m not going to be the most productive or effective right now, I might just be fetal and quiet. It’s cool. I can dance tomorrow.

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Photo by Stas Knop from Pexels

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