Christmas Break Broke My Brain (and I liked It), Day 69 (Giggity), The “Me Project”

We kept our house one notch above a condemned frat house for the past two weeks. I LITERALLY slept until noon one day. The kids invented this complex game where they beat the shit out of each other. Then there was this other imaginative game where they were fairies and centaurs beating the shit out of each other and still this other game where…you get the idea. And this was all in love and fun. Genuinely, they got along great 99% of the time, which is a Festivus miracle for sure. It’s just that getting along includes making each other bleed a bit. No biggie.

Another pair of somebodies who got along like peas and carrots was me and Robb. (Robb and me? Robb and us? I and are? I never know these things). We spent SO MUCH TIME just luxuriating, relaxing, talking, chilling, sexing, sleeping, and laughing. We didn’t do anything per se. There were no events or outtings or dates, we just sort of holed up and hibernated and rested. We read a LOT of books and watched a bunch of shows and movies, did puzzles, wrote, played games, slept, and sometimes logged as many as 19 steps on our pedometers in a given day.

So, tomorrow, back to work and school. We’re ready for routine again. We can’t do this sort of lazzzzzzy vaca forever. I’m sure we didn’t have much more in us before it became cumbersome and stifling. But what time we did have was fabu.

I’m proud of myself for surrendering to rest. I wasn’t ever good at that. I somehow convinced myself over the years that I didn’t like/need sleep or down-time that much, but it was a flagrant lie. I feel marvelous. And I’m so glad for it. I don’t even care that there’s a shit-ton of decisions and cleaning and bills and consequences waiting for me tomorrow. I am so thankful for this deep rest in our nest.

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I’m wearing monkey footie pajamas (with a hood that has ears) and lying on a backupuncture pillow thingy. This was from a series of photos called “Bed.” I might publish them in an anthology with “Couch.”

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