I started writing the book I’m working on in 2014. I had this idea to gather dating and relationship stories from people I knew, and I’d compile them into some sort of essay collection or litter them through a novel…I figured that all people are voyeurs and dating stories are full of scandal and misery, so it would make for very readable material. Friends sent me some juicy and delightful tales, and I stole a few more and changed some critical information…then, I started writing.

The book initially was a friendship tale between two women who co-host a dating and relationship talk radio show- and the stories I’d collected were the call-ins on their show. The hosts are interesting, hilarious characters, one of them single, the other married, unhappily, with two kids and a life crisis. As the story evolved, along with my own life and marriage over the past six years, the friendship and humor remain, but the protagonist became the married woman and the main issue of the novel morphed into the examination of her marriage and herself on the brink of collapse. …


Sarah Zimmerman

Find me on Ravishly, The Belladonna Comedy, Pregnant Chicken, & more. Being a human is hard- maybe the kids can help. bigtroubleblog.com, Twitter: @sarahzimzam

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